Tune in Tokyo – BadAss Back to School 2015

October 30, 2015

Here are some drawings I did for a Tune in Tokyo event. I created a girl mascot image with two versions….

Drawing 1:

 photo Girl2.jpg

Drawing 2:

 photo Girl1.jpg

And then I created a guy mascot based on Tamaki from Host Club… And a little of Kaji from Evangelion:

 photo Guy.jpg

And here is the final poster:

 photo Poster.jpg



October 29, 2015

Darla is a horror short that I worked on, it was released today in time for Halloween. For this short film created by multi-talented Matt Fowler, Eric Connelly, and the rest of their amazing team, I created posters for their movie to help promote the film.

Poster A:

 photo PosterV1a.jpg

Poster B:

 photo PosterV2a.jpg

Poster C:

 photo PosterV3a.jpg

Poster D:

 photo PosterV4a.jpg

I also designed the end credits sequence using Premier and AfterEffects..

The short film can be seen here:

Darla (2015)

AS Pink! JooYeon

September 7, 2014

A drawing I did for a show that illustrated JooYeon in an outfit for a After School Japanese Magazine shoot. It was done in the style of the previous drawing I did of Nana and Behka and I worked it in as a triptych.

Mouse Ears photo JooYeon_Poster_F.jpg

AS Pink! Nana

September 7, 2014

A drawing I did for a show that illustrated Nana in a outfit for one of Orange Caramel’s Shanghai Romance performances. It was done in the style of the previous drawing I did of Behka and JooYeon and I worked it in as a triptych.

Nana Nana Fox photo Nananana_F.jpg

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Pee-Chee Folder

July 31, 2014

A while back, I did a project for FearNet reinterpreting a Pee-Chee Folder design using the Todd & The Book of Pure Evil property. It was a Fearnet giveaway item at the 2012 WonderCon in Anaheim, CA. I had a lot of fun with this one and the printed version came out great.

I actually saw on eBay this was going for $10 once. 🙂

Here is the Front Cover:
Todd Front Cover photo Todd_Fold_Front.jpg

Back Cover:
Todd Back Cover photo Todd_Fold_Back.jpg

Inside Fold Left:
Todd Side 1 photo Todd_Inside1.jpg

Inside Fold Right:
Todd Side 2 photo Todd_Inside2.jpg

And here it is unfoldeded:
Todd Folder File photo PeeChee_FINAL_V2.jpg

Answer Me

July 31, 2014

About 10+ years ago, I entered the first Rising Stars of Manga competition put on by Tokyopop. I came up with the story in a week, and spent an entire month drawing, colorizing and lettering to make the deadline. It was a pretty brutal month, I remember how burnt out I was when I was finished. Unfortunately, I didn’t place.

I took a risk by writing a story that was typically not traditional manga, about life, death and angels. I was trying to draw it in the Rurouni Kenshin: Reminiscence style, and was listening to the soundtrack while I worked on it to make it really moody.

So I uncovered this old gem a month ago, found the original files, and relettered it using the skills I picked up as a pro letterer. I used to feel this was one of my more brutal pieces because I was so green when I did it, but relettering the thing made all the difference. I don’t have a before and after pix, but I have the newly lettered 1st four pages here:

Page 1:
Answer Me Pg 1 photo AnswerMe_N_Pg1.jpg
Page 2:
Answer Me Pg 2 photo AnswerMe_N_Pg2.jpg
Page 3:
Answer Me Pg 3 photo AnswerMe_N_Pg3.jpg
Page 4:
Answer Me Pg 4 photo AnswerMe_N_Pg4.jpg

Since good old Tokyopop never did anything with it, maybe I’ll see what else I can do with it.

The Batglare

July 31, 2014

I did this drawing to honor the 75th anniversary of The Goddamn Batman. So I drew a picture of the Dark Knight and The Batman Beyond Goddamn. “Present” Gotham is to their left and “Tomorrow” Gotham is to the right. I submitted this to the ComicCon Souvenir Book this year, but it didn’t get selected… So I thought I’d share it with the Millions and Millions on the Internets. BTW, when I submitted it, the caption at the bottom didn’t read “Scaring the crap out of criminals for 75 years”… But maybe it should have. LOL.

Batglare photo Bats_75th_3.jpg

AX’s Girl Mascot Ai Magician Cosplay

July 31, 2014

I did this piece for AnimeExpo a couple of years ago, for a proposed magic show. The project got the ax, but I came across this piece again recently and forgot how much I liked it. I drew their mascot in a Zatanna inspired outfit, and the rabbit in the hat is another one of their mascots.

Magician Ai photo Ai_Zatanna_F.jpg

Alone With Mallone’s Tony Mallone ALONE Poster

March 9, 2014

To further promote the Zombie Whisperer’s companion blog series, “Alone With Mallone”, I created a poster for Tony Mallone, done in the same style as the zombie propaganda posters I had done for his previous episodes of Zombie Whisperer. He is the first human I depicted in the series that wasn’t a moving, rotting, poor-excuse for an undead cannibal.


AS Pink! Bekah

March 9, 2014

A drawing I did for a show that illustrated Bekah in her outfit for After School’s BANG! performance. It was done in the style of the previous drawing I did of Nana and JooYeon and I worked it in as a triptych.

B3 BANG! photo B3_Poster_F.jpg