Manga School with Selina Lin, May 2008 In-Manga Supplement Ad

An ad I designed with the premise of her “Manga School” in mind.
The licensor approved cover created by my coworker, Jenny Carbajal. We weren’t approved to use art from the book by the licensor, so I created a cute sketch of the book’s artist, Selina Lin.
The sketch was created in ball-point pen. And then colorized in Photoshop:
(The “Wazzup G?” was added for flavor.)
The final ad came out looking cool. There’s a chibi version of me saying I used the techniques from this book to make this ad. It’s printed in black and white, and be seen in Tokyopop manga May 2008 books and on.


12 Responses to “Manga School with Selina Lin, May 2008 In-Manga Supplement Ad”

  1. lachelle bonds Says:

    how can I make a story i need ideals

  2. meme Says:

    I like Manga so much and I drowe it so nice so i wont to make an anime cartoon but i don’t know how… @_@

  3. Mag Alexandra Says:

    I live manga.(pictur)

  4. phantomj Says:

    i wonder if there are instruction on drawing the critical scenes of a manga like a fight scene,kissing,hugging,driving away,a hug,or even sex(if i feel the need to).

  5. tusan Says:

    i wonder some one could give me any chance/instruction to publish manga,

  6. Ken Says:


  7. lauren Says:

    cool i can draw the heads of the manga people i just cant draw the bodies and clothes

  8. Geraldo Raridon Says:

    Thanks for sharing this one!

  9. Alexis Says:

    I can draw people and stuff really well, but I can’t put them into doing actions well. That is my problem. Does this address that?

  10. rosa Says:

    need it! i am a manga ka

  11. Sadia Says:

    i love manga to draw it so lovely but i also loves anime

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