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The Forgotten World Episode 7 Temp Cover

October 31, 2008

OLLI decided to use this blooper as a temp cover! Hilarious!
The Forgotten World Episode 7 Temp Cover


Newest Bandai 2008 Manga Covers

October 30, 2008

Looks like I can do this, even now!
Code Gaess gn 1, out now!
Code Geass Gn 2
Code Gaess gn 2, coming out soon!
Ghost Slayers Ayashi Gn 1
Ghost Slayers Ayashi gn 1, out now!

MySpace Pics

October 22, 2008

I found a couple of really nice pix of my pals on MySpace and decided to draw them up, using some different techniques in coloring I was trying…
This one is of Ate Tricia:
Ate Tricia 2
And I was messing with the Hue/Sat to give it a different effect:
Ate Tricia 1
And this one is of my friend Melisa:
Melisa Angel
And the Hue/Sat effect:
Melisa HueSat
They came out pretty neat…

OLLI outtake

October 21, 2008

These are the Creepers I used for the Episode 4 covers. They’re getting Jiggy Wit it.
Creepers Outtake

The Forgotten World Episode 4 Cover

October 21, 2008

Big Kung-Fu Fight cover!
The Forgotten World Episode 4 cover

The Forgotten World Episode 3 Cover

October 21, 2008

The Forgotten World Episode 3 cover! Cuteness!
The Forgotten World Episode 3 cover

Adult Film Star Promo Poster

October 21, 2008

I helped out a buddy of mine work on a promo poster for an adult model. Did this a while back, but found it again recently. I like it because it’s totally different from any of the other stuff I’ve done.
Teanna Kai Poster