Tokyopop Alumni Set 1

When I still worked at Tokyopop fulltime, I made a lot of friends and people came and went. Since I didn’t have much monies, I tried making them a drawing as a farewell gift. I was digging out materia for my new DeviantArt account and unearthed several of them. So I’m gonna start posting them. 🙂
This one is of Irene (Princess Irenie) Choi:
TPop Alumni: Irenie
This one is the Great Jeannie Lee:
TPop Alumni: Jeannie Lee
This one is Jason “HaWhat” Alnas:
TPop Alumni: Jason Alnas
This one is of Gloria Wu AKA Lil’ Glo-Glo:
Tpop Alumni: Lil' Glo-Glo
This one is of Vera S. AKA Giggles:
Tpop Alumni: Giggles
A Great Portrait of the Non-Believer, Gary Shum:
TPop Alumni: Gary Shum
And last but not least, a portrait of Christina Wun:
TPop Alumni: Christina Wun
As I find more of these, I’ll make sure to post them. I have quite a few…


3 Responses to “Tokyopop Alumni Set 1”

  1. MangaBlog » Blog Archive » Matt Thorn, Spider-Man, and more! Says:

    […] a cute set of artwork by a former Tokyopop designer, depicting some of his former […]

  2. Carol Fox Says:

    omg these are adorable!!! I’ve missed your TP portraits. 😀

  3. Diana Dang Says:

    Those are such cute artwork!

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