Tokyopop Alumni Set 2

More TP Alumni art found for posting!

This is of Mina Sung, who I thought looked like Yuko from xxxHolic:
This is El Rey, Vince Rivera who greeted me everyday with the Booker T “5X!!” taunt:
TPop Alumni: El Rey
This one is of Terri Fernandez, one of the old HR peeps who went on to start a pilates thang:
TPop Alumni: Terri Fernandez
This is Mutsumi Miyazaki, who went on to Del Rey:
Tpop Alumni: Mutsumi Miyazaki
Adriana Rivera AKA Shank Guhl, who we sat next to me for a while and started every day by sharpening her shank, and making a hash mark on our “wall”:
Tpop Alumni: Adrianna Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Hori. I worked with Mrs. Hori, Rhona Medina Hori. She had a cool pix of her with a sword that I ripped off:
This one is “Lukie” Lucas Rivera:
This one is of Louis Csontos, one of the better designers I had the pleasure working with. We got a kick out of John Cena when he was doing his rap gimmick:
This one is of Kyle Plummer, one of the bigger Captain America fans I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Rivaled only by one other in the office, but his pic isn’t done yet:
This one is of Kara Stambach, manga novel editor extraordinaire. We had a running gag about a copy of Episode 3 with bad subtitles, when Vader yelled: “NOOOOOOOOO~!” it translated to “Not want!” Ah, yesssss… Such good times:
This is Diva Eva, Eva Han. She did a cool rendition of “Dance Magic” with her band. She also kept getting made fun of by Steve Harvey on the elevator for some reason:
This one is of another HR manager, Dana Lee. She loved Hello Kitty:
And last one for now is of Allison Stetz… Don’t even know if I spelled that one right. She gave me some Southern Comfort on my birthday, to relieve me of my pain. That was exciting:
Hopefully I find more and I can post them up! I know I have a lot more.


3 Responses to “Tokyopop Alumni Set 2”

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    […] posts more cartoons of former Tokyopop […]

  2. Chelsea Says:

    Awesome, Joe 🙂 I found this through a google alert in my work inbox this morning. But I only know El Rey! (I feel like I got in so late in the game…)

  3. Friday news and reviews · Manga News Says:

    […] posts more cartoons of former Tokyopop […]

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