Tokyopop Alumni Set 3

This is a big one, and probably the last I post for a while unless I do more. Soooooo… Moving along…

This is Abelardo Bigting, AKA Ab (Hope I spelled that right). This was the first one of these I ever did:
TPop Alumni: Ab Bigting
The next up is Jennifer Nunn… AKA “The Girl Who Eats A Lot” AKA “Eats”. The names were given to her by the VP of Production who we called “The Eye of Sore Ron.”
TPop Alumni: Jenn Nunn
This one is of Samantha Y… I forget her last name and I don’t wanna butcher it. She was in layout, and my old co-worker John Lo saw it and said, “Not even close.” Oh well. It was only my 3rd one I did…
TPop Alumni: Sam Y
This is one of Thea Willis. She was a designer that I didn’t know too well, but we had some laughs:
TPop Alumni: Thea Willis
This is designer turned editor, Aaron Suhr. Big Transformers and Rurouni Kenshin buff. Also good at Street Fighter. I only beat him once, and for one round. And I think it’s because it was one of his characters that he wasn’t good with:
TPop Alumni: Aaron Suhr
This portrait is of another designer, Raymond Makowski. He left TP and went on to Mattel. He also had a webshow up for a while called, “Life in LA.” You can see it here:
Interestingly enough, in his Triad Code: 25, I make an appearance at 1:03 to the left. And a little after that, I get to meet Crom. Awesome opportunity!
TPop Alumni: Ray Makowski
This one is of Christian “CLownds” Lownds, one of the better bosses I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
TPop Alumni: CLownds
This is Lindsey… She got married and I forgot her new last name. I’m bad like that. She liked Gundams and Sgt. Frog, and she was production coordinator, I believe:
TPOP Alumni: Lindsey
This one is of Sophia Hong, AKA Sooooooooofeeeeeeeeeeee AKA JiHye Hong AKA Candy Mountain. She was going through a Kingdom Hearts 2 phase, so she got 3 pics, Her Master Form, Her Heartless and her Nobody, Fiexso. Any fan of Kingdom Hearts may get that, and if you don’t, I’m sorry:
TPop Alumni: Sophia Hong
This one is of the Great Fawn Lau. One of the hardest working artist/designers I know. I used to call her, “Sephifawn,” referencing the ever-popular FF VII villian:
TPop Alumni: Sephifawn
This one is Erika Terriquez, AKA Skooter! One of my favorite people at TP, and a good example of how hard work pays off. Both of us are fans of the Hardyz:
TPop Alumni: Skooter
This one is of Jennifer Miller, AKA Junior. She always was a favorite of mine, because she was the one who hired me in spite of my evilness. This is her with Coach Z, because the two of us liked the songs from the Homestar Runner CD.
TPOP Alumni: Jen Miller
This is Kimmie Kim! She actually left TP, to go back to school, but I used to always drop by her desk and post up print-outs of SGT. Frog all over it. And I placed a lot of my pokemon plushies there, too… LOL:
TPop Alumni: Kimmie Kim
This one if of Jason Milligan, AKA Chinny. He’s still working for the Manga Revolution, so I can’t exactly say he’s an alumni… But I like the SOB so much, he belongs with the rest of us:
TPop Alumni: Chinny
This one is of Mona Lisa De Asis. She was one of my first friends at TP, and the one who I was always afraid of to get mad at me. Because she was fiesty. Actually, she still is… LOL:
TPOP Alumni: Moner Liser
This one is Esther Kim, named after my zapakuto. She worked in Marketing and she made my life a living hell. I hate her. She’s number 2 on my list of people to put in the Crippler Crossface. I’m half-serious. No, I’m not. I’m totally serious. LOL.
TPOP Alumni: Esther Kim
This one is of one of my closest friends, James Dashiell. We were hired around the same time, and he went on to become my boss when I was a production artist at TP. James Dash is one of the best people I know. He’s Production Manager at Go! Comi, now:
TPOP Alumni: James Dash
And last but not least, it’s ME! JoeMac! If you’re wondering about the halo and the devil wing, it’s because I tell everyone I’m evil, but they say I’m nice. Go figure. And the line is from a Ghost Rider comic, because I’m a follower of Vengeance.
TPop Alumni: JoeMac
And that’s it for now. I still don’t know what to do with all these pics. I want to make a huge poster for sure. Maybe make a artbook? I’ve been thinking it’d really be neat to have a gallery for a while, and put all these things up! It’d be a great excuse to get everyone together again!


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