Short Sunzen Covers

I was going through the archive and found these.
The process for making covers back then were all trial and approval. I originally tried to push a cover that had colorized keyart. I used this pic as an example:
Short Sunzen Cover BW Art (Unused)
And then colorized it:
Short Sunzen Color Cover Art (Unused)
After that got shot down, I opted to use the slide art from the original covers.
Here are the orignal ones in Japanese:
Short Sunzen JP Cover 1
Short Sunzen Vol. 1
Short Sunzen JP Cover 2
Short Sunzen Vol. 2
Short Sunzen JP Cover 3
Short Sunzen Vol. 3
And this is what I ended up doing with it for the US adaption. I wanted to make it resemble those High School notebooks that I used to use.
Short Sunzen US Cover 1
Short Sunzen Gn 1
Short Sunzen US Cover 2
Short Sunzen Gn 2
Short Sunzen Gn 3


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