DarkWing Duck #3 Cover B BOOM! Comics – The Anatomy of A Cover

This to date is the art piece I’m the most proud of, my first drawn and colored comic-book cover for a comic-book company! It’s a character from DarkWing Duck’s rogues gallery, Quackerjack. And one of my longtime friends, Aaron Sparrow who was editor for the title at the time, gave me a shot at it.
So the original concept was that he wanted Quackerjack on the cover holding the all-new Mr. Banana-Brain that he hobbled together from some leftover parts from a destroyed robot. I made a sketch that he approved and got the lineart down:
I got them both colored and added some more of Quackerjack’s killer toys from the original cartoon in the background:
Then the call came from Disney, that they wanted the design changed. Which led to a redesign, based on what another artist put together. This is the redrawn B/W line art:
And this is the revised colored version:
Then, they wanted more glowing bling eye-action, which I tried. But they said it was too much. I kinda liked it:
Ultimately, they ended up using the version with no bling, and ta-dah! DarkWing Duck #3 Cover B for BOOM! comics was born!


2 Responses to “DarkWing Duck #3 Cover B BOOM! Comics – The Anatomy of A Cover”

  1. Sheila Stahl Says:

    Sweet!!! Congrats! BTW, I like the bling version as well.

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