Good Luck Neko Boob Chick

This is an inaugural art piece I submitted for F*X*T mag, to wish them good luck in their endeavors. I’m also going to be submitting stuff for their themes, so hopefully I can make some thing really awesome that’d get published. I can use all the help I can get…
To wish them luck, I created a Lucky Cat Boob Chick Girl. Because that’s how I roll. LOL. So this is the B/W version of it…
Lucky Boob Chick Neko BW
I was trying to draw in a different style than the normal cutesy type that I do. I was also trying some new coloring techniques. This is what the finished product ended up like:
Lucky Boob Chick Neko Color
If there’s anyone out there who’d like more info on F*X*T, you can see their site here.


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