Zombie Whisperer: Zombie Propaganda Posters

I’ve gotten involved in a ongoing project with a friend of mine, a web-series called “Zombie Whisperer.” I’m the Animator/Illustrator for miscellaneous promotional materials and things. Here are a couple of my favorite things I’ve done for the project so far, the Zombie Propaganda Posters.

Zombie Poster One: “Let me hear your BRAINS.”

 photo BRAINS_Poster.jpg

Zombie Poster Two: “It’s NOT a FANNY PACK.”

 photo Zombie_2.jpg

If you like these, feel free to find out more about Tony Mallone and Zombie Whisperer at http://www.funnyordie.com/tony_mallone and https://www.facebook.com/ZombieWhispererTV?group_id=0


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