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Zombie Whisperer Magazine Covers #3

June 24, 2013

More covers showcasing Tony Mallone!!

The Son 2, Cover #10:
 photo MagCover10-1.jpg

The next follow-up cover for my “tabloid covers for Tony Mallone”. This one has a lot of silly goodness… Tony Mallone and Ice-T “controversy” on LAw and Order: Z, a dig at the Loch Ness Monster creating a Kickstarter page, and The Superior Charles… STILL Superior.

And the Dirtsheets 2, Cover #11:
 photo MagCover11-1.jpg

Zombie Janine still alive!! Alien Baby Mama Drama! And Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love and Mick Foley rid Studio City of Sasquatch(eseses)!!


A Talk with Tony – Zombie Whisperer Magazine Cover + Spread Interview

June 2, 2013

For Zombie Whisperer one of the things I did up was a mock-up of a magazine interview with the international superstar, Tony Mallone for Interpretation Weekly (Entertainment Weekly). The cover is here:

 photo MagCover9.jpg

And the Magazine Spread is here. Page 1 and 2:

 photo ZWhisperer_Spead_1.jpg

Pages 3 and 4:

 photo ZWhisperer_Spead_2.jpg

Pages 5 and 6:

 photo ZWhisperer_Spead_3.jpg

And finally, Page 7:

 photo ZWhisperer_Spead_4.jpg

Though the primary article was written by Interpretation Weekly reporter, Richard Hammerbush, there are two other articles within the main article written by two other submitters.

Article One: It’s Good to be Mallone, by Oliver Klosov:

 photo ZWhisperer_MiniAd1.jpg

And Article Two: Tragedy and Triumph, Triumph and Tragedy, by Mia Ho:

 photo ZWhisperer_MiniAd2.jpg

Find out more about Tony Mallone, Zombie Whisperer at and