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Alone With Mallone – Episode 2 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

August 15, 2013

Another entry of Tony Mallone answering a question from one of the trillions… AND TRILLIONS of Tony Mallone’s fans. “What’s the best kind of material to build a fort with in the Apocalypse?” A question from Fort-Man (formerly one of the 8 Master Robots in a Mega-Man game.).


Alone With Mallone – Episode 1 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

August 15, 2013

Working together with Matt Fowler and Tony Mallone, we conceptualized a fun “ask a question” webshow to promote the Zombie Whisperer webshow. Edited by myself and Matt Fowler, we plan to release one of these a month, with Zombie Whisperer Tony Mallone answering questions about zombies from his billions… AND BILLIONS of fans. This is the answer for what to do during the Zombie Apocalypse if you’re stuck in a building… Asked by Desperate in Denver.