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Alone With Mallone’s Tony Mallone ALONE Poster

March 9, 2014

To further promote the Zombie Whisperer’s companion blog series, “Alone With Mallone”, I created a poster for Tony Mallone, done in the same style as the zombie propaganda posters I had done for his previous episodes of Zombie Whisperer. He is the first human I depicted in the series that wasn’t a moving, rotting, poor-excuse for an undead cannibal.



AS Pink! Bekah

March 9, 2014

A drawing I did for a show that illustrated Bekah in her outfit for After School’s BANG! performance. It was done in the style of the previous drawing I did of Nana and JooYeon and I worked it in as a triptych.

B3 BANG! photo B3_Poster_F.jpg

Alone With Mallone – Episode 5 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

March 9, 2014

Another Episode of Alone With Mallone, in which Tony Mallone tackles the very legitimate question of “Does becoming a zombie save on burial costs?” …With unexpected results.

Alone With Mallone – Episode 4 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

March 9, 2014

In this fourth installment of “Alone With Mallone” with the ZOMBIE WHISPERER®‎, Tony Mallone gives the definitive answer to the age old question “Can Zombies swim?”. #Brains

Alone With Mallone – Episode 3 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

March 9, 2014

In this Q and A session, “Cheating Zombie” Tony Mallone addresses how to find out if your zombie is cheating on you with another owner.