Answer Me

About 10+ years ago, I entered the first Rising Stars of Manga competition put on by Tokyopop. I came up with the story in a week, and spent an entire month drawing, colorizing and lettering to make the deadline. It was a pretty brutal month, I remember how burnt out I was when I was finished. Unfortunately, I didn’t place.

I took a risk by writing a story that was typically not traditional manga, about life, death and angels. I was trying to draw it in the Rurouni Kenshin: Reminiscence style, and was listening to the soundtrack while I worked on it to make it really moody.

So I uncovered this old gem a month ago, found the original files, and relettered it using the skills I picked up as a pro letterer. I used to feel this was one of my more brutal pieces because I was so green when I did it, but relettering the thing made all the difference. I don’t have a before and after pix, but I have the newly lettered 1st four pages here:

Page 1:
Answer Me Pg 1 photo AnswerMe_N_Pg1.jpg
Page 2:
Answer Me Pg 2 photo AnswerMe_N_Pg2.jpg
Page 3:
Answer Me Pg 3 photo AnswerMe_N_Pg3.jpg
Page 4:
Answer Me Pg 4 photo AnswerMe_N_Pg4.jpg

Since good old Tokyopop never did anything with it, maybe I’ll see what else I can do with it.


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