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Tune in Tokyo – BadAss Back to School 2015

October 30, 2015

Here are some drawings I did for a Tune in Tokyo event. I created a girl mascot image with two versions….

Drawing 1:

 photo Girl2.jpg

Drawing 2:

 photo Girl1.jpg

And then I created a guy mascot based on Tamaki from Host Club… And a little of Kaji from Evangelion:

 photo Guy.jpg

And here is the final poster:

 photo Poster.jpg



October 29, 2015

Darla is a horror short that I worked on, it was released today in time for Halloween. For this short film created by multi-talented Matt Fowler, Eric Connelly, and the rest of their amazing team, I created posters for their movie to help promote the film.

Poster A:

 photo PosterV1a.jpg

Poster B:

 photo PosterV2a.jpg

Poster C:

 photo PosterV3a.jpg

Poster D:

 photo PosterV4a.jpg

I also designed the end credits sequence using Premier and AfterEffects..

The short film can be seen here:

Darla (2015)