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The Batglare

July 31, 2014

I did this drawing to honor the 75th anniversary of The Goddamn Batman. So I drew a picture of the Dark Knight and The Batman Beyond Goddamn. “Present” Gotham is to their left and “Tomorrow” Gotham is to the right. I submitted this to the ComicCon Souvenir Book this year, but it didn’t get selected… So I thought I’d share it with the Millions and Millions on the Internets. BTW, when I submitted it, the caption at the bottom didn’t read “Scaring the crap out of criminals for 75 years”… But maybe it should have. LOL.

Batglare photo Bats_75th_3.jpg


Cute Chick Pix

August 3, 2011

More possible colorized sketches for Tune In Tokyo.
A rock n roll diva gothic lolita:
Rock N Roll Chick
A drawing based on Nana Kitade:
Nana Gothic Chick
A drawing of a Gothic Lolita Girl with a kitty… This was used for their latest event:
Gothic Lolita Kitty
Sakura Bomb 3

SD Cave Gal

August 3, 2011

Made a quick drawing of a cave girl for fun, and colorized it.
SD Cave Chica

The Drawing Club: Alias theme

March 17, 2011

This is from the last session I went to, for The Drawing Club. The theme was Alias, Jennifer Garner’s old show. You can see about it here.

I did a couple of sketches to warm up, but this drawing came out really good. I’m trying out different color palletes, and stuff I’m not used to. And yes, this was definitely a drawing inspired by the style of Frank Miller.
Alias Girl

The Drawing Club: Maleficent theme

March 11, 2011

I went again to the Drawing Club last month, and did a couple of drawings from the model they had cosplaying as Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty. I didn’t finish colorizing them until recently. I ended up with one pic looking like an advertisement for Maleficent Swimwear, and the other came out like a very cute Mistress of All Evil.
Malificent Swimwear
Malificent SD

The Drawing Club: Gauguin theme

December 6, 2010

I got turned onto this new thing by one of my buddies where they have drawing workshops in Glendale. I attended one where the theme was Gauguin, and they had a model and things arranged in the style of the paintings of Gauguin.

The link for the place is here.

On the site, they took a picture of my lineart, which they thought looked like a japanese woodblock. That was a great compliment to me, because at one point in time in college, I was trying to emulate that style… But it looked nothing like the way it does now. I finally finished coloring it. I think it came up quite well.
Gaugain Chick

DarkWing Duck #3 Cover B BOOM! Comics – The Anatomy of A Cover

September 8, 2010

This to date is the art piece I’m the most proud of, my first drawn and colored comic-book cover for a comic-book company! It’s a character from DarkWing Duck’s rogues gallery, Quackerjack. And one of my longtime friends, Aaron Sparrow who was editor for the title at the time, gave me a shot at it.
So the original concept was that he wanted Quackerjack on the cover holding the all-new Mr. Banana-Brain that he hobbled together from some leftover parts from a destroyed robot. I made a sketch that he approved and got the lineart down:
I got them both colored and added some more of Quackerjack’s killer toys from the original cartoon in the background:
Then the call came from Disney, that they wanted the design changed. Which led to a redesign, based on what another artist put together. This is the redrawn B/W line art:
And this is the revised colored version:
Then, they wanted more glowing bling eye-action, which I tried. But they said it was too much. I kinda liked it:
Ultimately, they ended up using the version with no bling, and ta-dah! DarkWing Duck #3 Cover B for BOOM! comics was born!

Good Luck Neko Boob Chick

September 8, 2010

This is an inaugural art piece I submitted for F*X*T mag, to wish them good luck in their endeavors. I’m also going to be submitting stuff for their themes, so hopefully I can make some thing really awesome that’d get published. I can use all the help I can get…
To wish them luck, I created a Lucky Cat Boob Chick Girl. Because that’s how I roll. LOL. So this is the B/W version of it…
Lucky Boob Chick Neko BW
I was trying to draw in a different style than the normal cutesy type that I do. I was also trying some new coloring techniques. This is what the finished product ended up like:
Lucky Boob Chick Neko Color
If there’s anyone out there who’d like more info on F*X*T, you can see their site here.

Donald Duck and Friends Cover 357

September 2, 2010

This project was started and canned in the middle of it. I contacted BOOM! Comics and spoke to my editor asking if I could draw a cover for a book that I’ve lettered. We tried to make it happen, the title I was trying for had featured Donald as a spy, so I wanted to try a James Bond-ish cover like this:
Bond Cover
I tried a couple of sketches, this one was the one I liked the most:
DD Sketch
There were a bunch of tweaks, and I was halfway done when I got the call that I wasn’t going to be able to do the cover. This is the unfinished cover:
DD Color
It’s not bad. Maybe one day I’ll get around to finishing it, for my own purposes…

More Tune In Tokyo Flyer Art 2010

September 2, 2010

More stuff for Tune In Tokyo! This was the art I created for the monthly flyer:
Skull Hoodie Chick
And this is the flyer:
Tune In Tokyo May 2010

This one was for their Sakura Bomb event, and a departure from their usual template. This was the original art I had made for it, with 2 Lolitas and A Bunny:
2 Lolis N A Bunny
This is how the final ended up, I’m kinda glad they took out the girl to her right, she came out looking a little too much like Sailor Venus: