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Tune in Tokyo – BadAss Back to School 2015

October 30, 2015

Here are some drawings I did for a Tune in Tokyo event. I created a girl mascot image with two versions….

Drawing 1:

 photo Girl2.jpg

Drawing 2:

 photo Girl1.jpg

And then I created a guy mascot based on Tamaki from Host Club… And a little of Kaji from Evangelion:

 photo Guy.jpg

And here is the final poster:

 photo Poster.jpg


Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Pee-Chee Folder

July 31, 2014

A while back, I did a project for FearNet reinterpreting a Pee-Chee Folder design using the Todd & The Book of Pure Evil property. It was a Fearnet giveaway item at the 2012 WonderCon in Anaheim, CA. I had a lot of fun with this one and the printed version came out great.

I actually saw on eBay this was going for $10 once. 🙂

Here is the Front Cover:
Todd Front Cover photo Todd_Fold_Front.jpg

Back Cover:
Todd Back Cover photo Todd_Fold_Back.jpg

Inside Fold Left:
Todd Side 1 photo Todd_Inside1.jpg

Inside Fold Right:
Todd Side 2 photo Todd_Inside2.jpg

And here it is unfoldeded:
Todd Folder File photo PeeChee_FINAL_V2.jpg

AX’s Girl Mascot Ai Magician Cosplay

July 31, 2014

I did this piece for AnimeExpo a couple of years ago, for a proposed magic show. The project got the ax, but I came across this piece again recently and forgot how much I liked it. I drew their mascot in a Zatanna inspired outfit, and the rabbit in the hat is another one of their mascots.

Magician Ai photo Ai_Zatanna_F.jpg

Alone With Mallone’s Tony Mallone ALONE Poster

March 9, 2014

To further promote the Zombie Whisperer’s companion blog series, “Alone With Mallone”, I created a poster for Tony Mallone, done in the same style as the zombie propaganda posters I had done for his previous episodes of Zombie Whisperer. He is the first human I depicted in the series that wasn’t a moving, rotting, poor-excuse for an undead cannibal.


Alone With Mallone – Episode 5 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

March 9, 2014

Another Episode of Alone With Mallone, in which Tony Mallone tackles the very legitimate question of “Does becoming a zombie save on burial costs?” …With unexpected results.

Alone With Mallone – Episode 4 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

March 9, 2014

In this fourth installment of “Alone With Mallone” with the ZOMBIE WHISPERER®‎, Tony Mallone gives the definitive answer to the age old question “Can Zombies swim?”. #Brains

Alone With Mallone – Episode 3 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

March 9, 2014

In this Q and A session, “Cheating Zombie” Tony Mallone addresses how to find out if your zombie is cheating on you with another owner.

Alone With Mallone – Episode 2 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

August 15, 2013

Another entry of Tony Mallone answering a question from one of the trillions… AND TRILLIONS of Tony Mallone’s fans. “What’s the best kind of material to build a fort with in the Apocalypse?” A question from Fort-Man (formerly one of the 8 Master Robots in a Mega-Man game.).

Alone With Mallone – Episode 1 – A Zombie Whisperer Companion

August 15, 2013

Working together with Matt Fowler and Tony Mallone, we conceptualized a fun “ask a question” webshow to promote the Zombie Whisperer webshow. Edited by myself and Matt Fowler, we plan to release one of these a month, with Zombie Whisperer Tony Mallone answering questions about zombies from his billions… AND BILLIONS of fans. This is the answer for what to do during the Zombie Apocalypse if you’re stuck in a building… Asked by Desperate in Denver.

Zombie Whisperer Magazine Covers #3

June 24, 2013

More covers showcasing Tony Mallone!!

The Son 2, Cover #10:
 photo MagCover10-1.jpg

The next follow-up cover for my “tabloid covers for Tony Mallone”. This one has a lot of silly goodness… Tony Mallone and Ice-T “controversy” on LAw and Order: Z, a dig at the Loch Ness Monster creating a Kickstarter page, and The Superior Charles… STILL Superior.

And the Dirtsheets 2, Cover #11:
 photo MagCover11-1.jpg

Zombie Janine still alive!! Alien Baby Mama Drama! And Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love and Mick Foley rid Studio City of Sasquatch(eseses)!!