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AS Pink! JooYeon

September 7, 2014

A drawing I did for a show that illustrated JooYeon in an outfit for a After School Japanese Magazine shoot. It was done in the style of the previous drawing I did of Nana and Behka and I worked it in as a triptych.

Mouse Ears photo JooYeon_Poster_F.jpg


AS Pink! Nana

September 7, 2014

A drawing I did for a show that illustrated Nana in a outfit for one of Orange Caramel’s Shanghai Romance performances. It was done in the style of the previous drawing I did of Behka and JooYeon and I worked it in as a triptych.

Nana Nana Fox photo Nananana_F.jpg

The Batglare

July 31, 2014

I did this drawing to honor the 75th anniversary of The Goddamn Batman. So I drew a picture of the Dark Knight and The Batman Beyond Goddamn. “Present” Gotham is to their left and “Tomorrow” Gotham is to the right. I submitted this to the ComicCon Souvenir Book this year, but it didn’t get selected… So I thought I’d share it with the Millions and Millions on the Internets. BTW, when I submitted it, the caption at the bottom didn’t read “Scaring the crap out of criminals for 75 years”… But maybe it should have. LOL.

Batglare photo Bats_75th_3.jpg

AX’s Girl Mascot Ai Magician Cosplay

July 31, 2014

I did this piece for AnimeExpo a couple of years ago, for a proposed magic show. The project got the ax, but I came across this piece again recently and forgot how much I liked it. I drew their mascot in a Zatanna inspired outfit, and the rabbit in the hat is another one of their mascots.

Magician Ai photo Ai_Zatanna_F.jpg

AS Pink! Bekah

March 9, 2014

A drawing I did for a show that illustrated Bekah in her outfit for After School’s BANG! performance. It was done in the style of the previous drawing I did of Nana and JooYeon and I worked it in as a triptych.

B3 BANG! photo B3_Poster_F.jpg

Superman Beyond – San Diego Comic Con 2013 Souvenir Book

July 24, 2013

Superman Beyond SDCCon Souvenir Book 2013 photo SupesBeyond_V2.jpg

I entered this drawing as a submission for the San Diego Comic Con 2013 Souvenir Book for Superman’s 75th Anniversary. I never got a message telling me that it got in, so imagine my surprise when I attended, was looking through the program guide and BAM! There it was. A very pleasant surprise.

Zombie Whisperer Magazine Covers #3

June 24, 2013

More covers showcasing Tony Mallone!!

The Son 2, Cover #10:
 photo MagCover10-1.jpg

The next follow-up cover for my “tabloid covers for Tony Mallone”. This one has a lot of silly goodness… Tony Mallone and Ice-T “controversy” on LAw and Order: Z, a dig at the Loch Ness Monster creating a Kickstarter page, and The Superior Charles… STILL Superior.

And the Dirtsheets 2, Cover #11:
 photo MagCover11-1.jpg

Zombie Janine still alive!! Alien Baby Mama Drama! And Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love and Mick Foley rid Studio City of Sasquatch(eseses)!!

Zombie Whisperer Magazine Covers #1

May 22, 2013

The thing about this project is that Zombie Whisperer Tony Mallone, much like Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, is a worldwide celebrity, and a household name. In order to replicate that sort of fame for the project, one of the tasks I took on were to create mock-magazine covers that we’d post throughout social media and websites. With the idea that we keep posting one every other week or so, we’d be able to gain an audience through the quirkiness and semi-realism of the covers.

P.E.T.Z. Cover #1

The cover for the “newest” edition of P.E.T.Z. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies) This was the first one we did, and the one with the simplest design. Came out really clean, and it’s been used as a prop for Episode 2.

 photo PETz_Cover1.jpg

Yea! Weekly Cover #2

This was the first attempt we made at for something more of a supermarket TMZ rag selling the fact that he is a celebrity and will be under the microscope a lot. I liked this one a lot for a while, (because I was on the cover, as well! LOL) but as things went all, you’ll see that they got better and better with each new one.

 photo TAB_Cover1.jpg

The Son: Tony to Blame… Cover #3

I was going to make a tabloid one for Tony Mallone if it killed me or not. This is where I just went crazy with the cover and the “content”, while staying true to what I felt the concept of Zombie Whisperer was. I just love how I was able to put that the Macho Man Randy Savage stopped the Rapture from happening for us. LOL.

 photo MagCover5.jpg

The Dirtsheets: Sasquatches in Studio City Cover #4

This is one of those Enquirer tabloids you see at the supermarket. My favorite contribution to this, aside from the fact that it really feels like a gritty tabloid magazine, is that in Studio City, SoCal locals were angry and frustrated with yetis.

 photo MagCover4.jpg

Find out more about Tony Mallone, Zombie Whisperer at and

Zombie Whisperer Promo Art

May 22, 2013

During my inactivity of posting, and keeping myself way too busy, I’ve illustrated some promotional pieces that have been thrown in Facebook for Zombie Whisperer.

One is, the Star of Zombie Whisperer, Tony Mallone drawn in ink, semi-manga-esque:

 photo T_Mallone_Anime_F.jpg

The second is Tony Mallone illustrated in a style influenced by the Batman: Animated Series:

 photo TMallone_TAS_F.jpg

An ad promoting Zombie Wicca:

 photo ZombieWitch_C.jpg

And lastly, an ad promoting the Mallone: Year One mini-comic:

 photo Mallone_Preview_Ad.jpg

Random Kawaii Girls, Part 2:

May 21, 2013

More updates! More cute anime girls I’ve drawn. One was for a birthday present, and the other two were unused Tune-In-Tokyo art pieces I made…

 photo Dasia_Vu_WOutText_F.jpg
 photo RedRidingHood.jpg
 photo WitchGirl.jpg