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Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Pee-Chee Folder

July 31, 2014

A while back, I did a project for FearNet reinterpreting a Pee-Chee Folder design using the Todd & The Book of Pure Evil property. It was a Fearnet giveaway item at the 2012 WonderCon in Anaheim, CA. I had a lot of fun with this one and the printed version came out great.

I actually saw on eBay this was going for $10 once. 🙂

Here is the Front Cover:
Todd Front Cover photo Todd_Fold_Front.jpg

Back Cover:
Todd Back Cover photo Todd_Fold_Back.jpg

Inside Fold Left:
Todd Side 1 photo Todd_Inside1.jpg

Inside Fold Right:
Todd Side 2 photo Todd_Inside2.jpg

And here it is unfoldeded:
Todd Folder File photo PeeChee_FINAL_V2.jpg


Alone With Mallone’s Tony Mallone ALONE Poster

March 9, 2014

To further promote the Zombie Whisperer’s companion blog series, “Alone With Mallone”, I created a poster for Tony Mallone, done in the same style as the zombie propaganda posters I had done for his previous episodes of Zombie Whisperer. He is the first human I depicted in the series that wasn’t a moving, rotting, poor-excuse for an undead cannibal.


Superman Beyond – San Diego Comic Con 2013 Souvenir Book

July 24, 2013

Superman Beyond SDCCon Souvenir Book 2013 photo SupesBeyond_V2.jpg

I entered this drawing as a submission for the San Diego Comic Con 2013 Souvenir Book for Superman’s 75th Anniversary. I never got a message telling me that it got in, so imagine my surprise when I attended, was looking through the program guide and BAM! There it was. A very pleasant surprise.

Tune in Tokyo – Sakura Bomb 11

May 21, 2013

Their event this time was a Halloween Anime Rock Party! I did a bunch of these because I couldn’t decide what costume they may have wanted to showcase on the flyer. (I put some of the unused ones on the Random Kawaii Girls entries) The art that won out at the end and was chosen was the Bumblebee Chick.

 photo BeeGirl.jpg
 photo 424677_4707681534865_1252751198_n.jpg

Tune In Tokyo – Sakura Bomb 9

May 21, 2013

The theme was to make anime charactures of the band Apocalipstick to use for the flyer. I was watching the K-On! Ending Don’t Say Lazy as inspiration, and this is what came out.

 photo Apocaylipstic_F.jpg
 photo tumblr_m4hqdaNqkc1qb53un.jpg

Tune In Tokyo – Sakura Bomb 10

May 21, 2013

The event was for their ‘Back to School’ event party. The theme for the girl in this flyer was a schoolgirl with a guitar. I drew inspiration from the Jrock group Scandal for this one, and it came out as one of my stronger pieces.

 photo Scandal_Chick.jpg
 photo 207061_359885574092250_1446810413_n.jpg

Tune In Tokyo Royal/T Flyer Art

May 21, 2013

I had the pleasure of creating the last flyer for Tune In Tokyo’s final Royal/T event on August 15, 2012, during Royal/T’s last month in business. I drew a cute anime girl dressed in their waitress’ usual attire. I posted a picture of it on my facebook page that still rings true to this day, that it was “the most damn kawaii french maid I’ve ever drawn.”

 photo 318188_10150794837030669_1563456154_n.jpg
 photo tumblr_m473bbQ0Vr1qb53un.jpg

Zombie Whisperer: Mallone Year One

May 19, 2013

Who is Tony Mallone? This mini-comic has the answer, with art by ME! It comes free when you get a copy of the Zombie Whisperer DVD (coming soon). Witness Tony’s transformation from a jabroni into the internationally renown Zombie Whisperer.

Check out the cover:

 photo FinalCover_ZW.jpg

Find out more about Zombie Whisperer at and

Zombie Whisperer: Zombie Propaganda Posters

May 19, 2013

I’ve gotten involved in a ongoing project with a friend of mine, a web-series called “Zombie Whisperer.” I’m the Animator/Illustrator for miscellaneous promotional materials and things. Here are a couple of my favorite things I’ve done for the project so far, the Zombie Propaganda Posters.

Zombie Poster One: “Let me hear your BRAINS.”

 photo BRAINS_Poster.jpg

Zombie Poster Two: “It’s NOT a FANNY PACK.”

 photo Zombie_2.jpg

If you like these, feel free to find out more about Tony Mallone and Zombie Whisperer at and

Single Bee Preserves Logo

May 19, 2013

 photo BeeBanner_Final.jpg
I helped create a logo for a friend’s new business, at the time it was primarily pickles, but looks like she’s been expanding her inventory. The goal was to create something intimate and whimsical to match her product’s sensibilty. You can find out more about her products at her blog: and her Facebook page:

Logo Sketches:
Sketches A:
 photo LogoComp_2.jpg
Sketches B:
 photo LogoComp_1.jpg

Finalized bee:
 photo BeeNew.jpg

Photos of the jar-tags:
 photo 533897_307006226057895_1175856757_n.jpg

Photos of the banner created for a table:
 photo 532092_315773225181195_1449827862_n.jpg