JoeMac’s Resume

Work History:

TOKYOPOP, Inc.- [April 2003 – June 2008] [July 2009 – Jan 2011]

•Created original artwork used for various design and print purposes.
•Cover designer for over 25 titles
•Responsibilities also included temp covers for catalogs and misc. ads for titles, as well as the monthly ad supplement that consisted of at least 6 new black and white ads every month.

Production Artist / Concept Artist
•Responsible for quality and creation of over 100 titles including lettering graphic novels and text novels.
•Created original art content for original properties.

Lageyre Linen- [August 2001 – Nov 2001]

•Served as an in-house graphic designer for promoting product.
•Created a colored broshure of their products.
•Created first version of their website. (no longer up)

Otis College- [Sept 2000 – Dec 2000]
Teacher’s Aide

•Worked two Digital Comm. Arts Classes (Digital Tools) teaching Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXPress.

Work Experience Freelance:

FEARnet- [June 2011 – Present]
Freelance Illustrator
•Created art for convention promotional pieces and ads.

Yen Press- [March 2008 – Present]
Freelance Production Artist and layout
•Retouched interiors for manga books and prepress corrections.

Viz Media- [Aug 2008 – Present]
Freelance Production Artist and layout
•Retouched interiors for manga books and prepress corrections.

Bandai Entertainment (Manga Division) – [March 2005 – January 2012]
Freelance Production Artist
•Freelance Book Interior Designer – Responsible for creation, lettering and quality of graphic novels consisting of screen-captures.
•Lettering interiors and designing covers for manga such as WitchBlade: Takeru

BOOM! Comics [Jan 2009 – Aug 2010]
Freelance Production Artist
•Lettering Pixar and Disney Titles

Go! Comi Media- [Oct 2005 – June 2010]
Freelance Production Artist and layout
•Retouched interiors for manga books and prepress corrections.

Open Language Learning Initiative (OLLI) – [March 2008 – Feb 2010]
Freelance Artist / Colorist
•Creation of Artwork
•Colorizing Lineart


SPJA- [July 4–July 7, 2013]
•Worked as Staff for the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation Marketing, under the Creative Department for Anime Expo 2013.

Alone with Mallone (2013 TV Mini-Series) [July 2013-Present]
Series Producer, Editor
•Worked on creating short webisodes to further promote the Zombie Whisperer TV Series.

Zombie Whisperer (TV Series) [June 2012-Present]
Key Animator, Storyboard Artist
•Worked on storyboarding and animating the intro for episode “Jacki & Cujo”.
•Created mock magazine covers for use throughout the series and the ending credits for episode “Jacki & Cujo”.


•Can work on both Mac and PC platforms.
•Adept at Adobe’s Creative Suite Programs (Photoshop CS3, InDesign CS3, Illustrator CS3)
•Able to illustrate digitally and traditionally
•Strong pre-press and production artist background.
•Able to multi-task and meet tight deadlines.
•Works well individually and in teams.
•Great interpersonal communication skills.
•Able to do a little bit of 3D (Maya 7.0, 3D Studio Max 7.0)


•BFA Illustration- (2000) graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in the Communication Arts.
•HS Diploma- (1996) graduated HS from SFUSD School of the Arts in the Visual Arts curriculum.

How I kill time:

•Drawing, inking and/or colorizing my art
•Read stuff
•Play video games

Online portfolio here
You can see my imdb profile here
Resume downloadable here: resume_jm08


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